Predicting the weather is hard, knowing what you face is easy.

Weather Informant provides weather notifications and updates at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Trusted by hundreds of emergency responders


Immediate weather updates for emergency responders

Push Notifications
Get notified immediately as conditions change, customize your notifications to suit your needs.
Many Data Sources
All your NWS and Storm Prediction Center alerts in a single, easy to use interface.
Mark offices and hazards you are interested in and see it at a glance with favorites.

Feature Highlights

Browse by Office

With access to all National Weather Service offices and data cleaned and aggregated, quickly browse relevant alerts.

Browse by Hazard

Browse alerts by hazard type directly


Get access to notifications and favorites through our easy in-app subscription process. For organization subscriptions, contact us.

Add favorites

Tag and pin your favorties to quickly access reports and alerts near you.


Customize notifications and get alerted immediately on new updates.

Hazards Around Me

"Hazards Around Me" delivers active NWS watches & warnings specific to your current NWS zone based on your smartphone location (GPS). This feature is the storm chaser’s favorite!

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